History and experience

Fixadent is not a franchise or part of a group.  I offer dent repair near me across quite a part of the south east uk.  You may see/hear of ‘bigger companies’ offering a far superior service for much more money….it’s not true.  I have evidence of the level of service that I offer, not just text on a website, go and see my reviews- I don’t use testimonials on my website or facebook and checkatrade reviews which are unreliable.  I use external review compaines which are transparent, these reviews are there to give YOU the reassurance of my level of competence and reliability.   Look at my reviews on freeindex and google…they are my promise and proof that my service is good and not I am not just saying that I am good and charging high prices to try to justify it.  I cover most of the south east UK.

I am now in my 24th year of pdr.  Customer service is something I understand and value, which was one of the main reasons I started up Fixadent.  I worked for and was trained by a company for six and half years until I started Fixadent in July 2005.  My aim is to have repetitive business and happy customers.

Fixadent is Fully Insured, totally reliable, presentable and trustworthy.  Fixadent was the very first PDR company to display actual work with actual prices and I always show videos of before and after using an enhancing LED light and chalk pen (to prove where the exact repair was done) so you know what you will be roughly looking at in terms of cost, even before you speak to me.

FreeIndex Reviews

You are welcome to read reviews about Fixadent by an independant review company FreeIindex. Click on image below to read reviews by our customers.  These reviews cannot be fixed, each one has to be from a different address and cannot be edited.

Fixadent Freeindex Page

What determines your quote

There are many different factors involved but in order of importance they are-


  1.  Access to the dent from behind-I need to push the dent out, that is how PDR works.
  2.  The depth of the dent- A dent with just the slightest bit of depth makes it much harder to push out.
  3.  The colour of the car- Yes!! The colour!- dark colours are much harder to disguise a repair on than a light colour.
  4.  The position of the dent- A dent on a swage line/bodyline or on a wheel arch is much harder than a flat surface.
  5.  The type of metal- French and Asian cars use much thinner metal than German cars, which makes it harder to manipulate back in to position.
  6.  SIZE of the dent- So many of my customers are amazed its down the bottom of the list.  So don’t think that your small 5p size dent on a rear wing of a 2 door car would be cheaper than a football size dent in the middle of an easy to access bonnet.

Your dent repair quote will be given to you on receipt of pictures from text/WhatsApp or email.


  • Text/Whatsapp pictures to 07725 784354
  • Email info@fixadent.co.uk
  • If your dent is too small to show in the picture then just draw a circle around it before you send it or put some tape next to it when you take the picture.
  • The main aim is to SHOW THE POSITION OF THE DENT more than the dent itself.

What if you quote me, turn up to do the dent and find out that the dent cannot be removed? If your dent cannot be removed when I arrive to repair it, you will not be charged! (It is not your fault I cannot remove it, because of its size or position, as much as its not mine and you will not be billed, its Fixadent policy).

Fixadent and company fleet vehicles

Company fleet vehicles and company lease vehicles – the procedure and cost

Whether you control a fleet of company vehicles or lease your own you will know that charges can and will be incurred for damage. Fixadent has alot of experience with vehicle de-fleeting.  I can travel for mass volume of work.

How can Fixadent help you with your de-fleeting?

  • Knowledge of what dents have to be removed and what dents will be accepted as ‘wear and tear’.
  • Discounts for repeat customers, whether you have 50 cars or 2 cars.
  • Save Time. Fixadent will remove the dents whilst you car is outside at your home or work.