Can I still work?

Social distancing in line with government guidelines is normal for me. So literally-nothing has changed from my daily routine other than I don’t move your car.  I travel on my own and travel is essential to my work as per the guidelines set out.

In effect I’m no different to a window cleaner or a Gardener-in fact a window cleaner gets closer to your house than I would.

How does it work?

I arrive, and wear gloves. I don’t need your keys or to get inside the vehicle. Normally I would get in the vehicle to move it, if it needs moving then I would ask you to do that.

In the case that I need to use your car windows and put them down, I would wear gloves and the keys are then wiped with 70% alcohol.

If I need power then I would strongly recommend that you have your own extension lead ready, I’m happy to use mine as it’s wiped down after very use.


  • Go inside your house
  • Go inside your car

As much as I love my customers coffees, I respectfully will not be accepting any.

Please feel free to send any pictures by WhatsApp or text to 07725 784354 or by using the quick quote form on this website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.